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Whenever Someone Uses The Phrase “It’s The Law”, Show Them This

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obey the state it's the law

Whenever someone uses it’s the law as an excuse to justify something the state does, or their obedience to the state, just use the following quote.

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” – Martin Luther King Jr

Of course, you can always use the above image as well, both are equal counterpoints.

The fact is there are a hell of a lot of unjust laws on the books nowadays and there always have been. Whether it was laws that made slavery legal, banned women from voting, made alcohol illegal, or kept blacks from sitting in the front of the bus, there have always been immoral laws. There are dozens of examples of freedoms we take for granted now that were once illegal. If people back then had just accepted that status quo then nothing would have ever changed for the better. The phrase “it’s the law” doesn’t mean anything taking that into consideration.

If people said that gay marriage is illegal, it’s the law, then the courts would never have bothered to take up their case. If people said that marijuana is illegal, it’s the law, then there never would have been referendums to legalize it. Progress is not possible if people accept the status quo, and the illegitimacy of saying it’s the law.

Furthermore, there are countless examples  of horrible things have been legal in the past. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it right. Those that fought against slavery were disobeying an unjust law because they saw it as their moral responsibility to do so. Morality always trumps legality. Saying that slavery is the law so you have to abide by it is not a valid excuse. It’s the law doesn’t really mean anything.

The next time a statist uses the phrase it’s the law, rightfully demolish their argument.

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