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Representatives From Ten States Have Endorsed Gary Johnson For President

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Representatives From Ten States Have Endorsed Gary Johnson For President

Winning as a third party candidate is difficult in the two party system. The majority rules electoral college system makes it hard for a candidate in a three way race to get the 270 votes needed to become President. Although, if one were to build a big enough coalition it is possible. Even if that doesn’t happen there is at least a way to keep the other two candidates under 270 and throw the election to the House. Gary Johnson has already started making progress on this task. State Senators and Representatives, as well as a Governor and a Congressman, from ten states have endorsed Gary Johnson for President.

So far, the highest ranking endorsement that Gary Johnson has received so far is from the former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura. Ventura was Governor of Minnesota from 1999 – 2003 and has long been a supporter of Johnson. Next on the list would be former California Congressman Tom Campbell who represented California’s 12th and 15th Districts for five terms. After those two there are is a continuously growing list of State Representatives. Some have endorsed Gary Johnson and stayed with their party and others have switched to the Libertarian Party as well.

The highest ranking on the list would be Senator Mark Madsen of Utah who previously endorsed Gary Johnson within the Libertarian Party primary. He made his endorsement for President official after the Republican National Convention. Also in the upper house is Dawson Hodgson of Rhode Island and Lisa Torraco from Gary Johnson’s home state of New Mexico. There’s also Senator Laura Ebke of Nebraska who serves in that state’s unicameral legislature. Following them are Rep. Max Abramson (NH), Rep. Basil Dannebohm (KS), Rep. Nicholas Schwaderer (MT), and Rep. Daniel Zolnikov (MT).

Half of these endorsements have happened just within the past week. Gary Johnson is clearly gaining momentum in several states that aren’t happy with the two parties’ nominees. States like Nevada, Utah, Montana, and New Mexico are are winnable states for Johnson. With more endorsements from local legislators on the way his chances continue to get better.

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