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Rand Paul Calls John McCain “Unhinged” And A “Strong Case For Term Limits”

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Once again, the unrepentant war hawks are upset with Rand Paul for opposing further military spending. This time, John McCain went into a senile rant which lead to him asserting that Rand Paul was working for Vladimir Putin. The incredulous claim came after the Kentucky Senator temporarily blocked a measure to admit Montenegro to NATO by voice vote alone. Of course, the reason that Rand Paul is opposed to the measure is because he doesn’t want to increase the U.S. government’s obligation to defend more countries. Only someone as “unhinged” as John McCain would assume another reason.

As Rand Paul went on to explain, John McCain makes a “really, really strong case for term limits”. The eighty year old senator is entrenched in a cold war mentality and still believes the United States needs to maintain an empire to oppose Russia. In reality, the former Soviet Union is constantly teetering on the edge of economic ruin. Their economy is smaller than Canada’s and their military is literally falling apart. They only have one “working” aircraft carrier to the two dozen the U.S. has in operation. Our government doesn’t need to keep admitting countries to NATO, stationing thousands of troops in Europe, and propping up their defenses.

John McCain has been in the Senate for so long he probably still thinks that the U.S. debt is only a trillion dollars or so. It isn’t. The government is more than twenty trillion in debt and we simply can’t afford to defend every country in Europe. True fiscal conservatism means that you actually have to cut spending across the board. There’s no other way to balance the budget. Rand Paul will continue opposing further spending increases and future empire building. Hopefully John McCain will cease this incessant war mongering and finally retire at the end of his current term.

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