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Poll Shows “Unsure” Leading Clinton And Trump In New Hampshire

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Poll Shows Unsure Leading Clinton And Trump In New Hampshire

Every election cycle people flirt with voting third party but after the nominees are chosen they are eventually corralled back into their pens. They succumb to the inevitability of voting for one of the two parties and make their ‘choice’ election day. This cycle has perpetuated itself for decades with no demonstrable rebellion save Ross Perot in the ’90’s. Although, according to some new polls, that scenario might be rearing its head once more. A recent Dartmouth poll found the “Unsure” option leading Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a general election match up. That’s great news for the Libertarian Party.

The Libertarian Party is going to be the only third party on the ballot in all fifty states. If anyone is unsure about voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton they will be able to cast their vote for a third option this November. Right now they’re trying to decide which dishonest New York liberal they prefer. Do they want the corrupt crony who bought political favors, or the corrupt Washington insider who sold them? That’s no choice at all. It’s understandable that people are unsure about this choice and whether or not those are really their only two options.

The Dartmouth poll taken of New Hampshire voters found that Unsure was leading with 36.8%, a plurality of the vote. Hillary Clinton came in second with 33.7% and Donald Trump third with 29.4%. This is the first poll of the 2016 cycle that has seen a third option actually leading the two party candidates. Of course, it’s not an actual candidate but it does show that there is a plurality of the population that’s stuck in between Clinton and Trump. This segment isn’t represented by those candidates and that’s why they’re unsure. They want a third choice.

The Libertarian Party can be that choice. Libertarians combine the best of both parties. Our platform includes the economic freedom the Republicans say they’re for, and the social freedom that the Democrats say they’re for. In other words, libertarians are fiscally responsible and socially tolerant. We want to maximize individual freedom and protect it from the government. It’s the perfect combination for the Live Free Or Die state.

This message should be appealing to those that are currently unsure. Instead of forcing themselves to decide between Trump and Clinton they should remain unsure and look into the Libertarian Party.

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