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Political Correctness Is Censorship

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Another day, another person is offended by something. Society has become obsessively concerned about whether or not somebody, somewhere, could be offended by something, somehow. So instead of allowing that devastating tragedy to take place they’ve decided to go the ‘safer’ route – censorship. With censorship no one can be offended because no one can say anything unless it’s been approved. Censorship will protect everyone’s feelings from getting hurt by the slightest of slights. At least, that’s what the statists believe.

Of course, the word censorship is unpopular so the left has cooked up a much better doublespeak term that no one could possibly disagree with – political correctness. It is a doctrine that is becoming increasingly widespread but particularly stifling on college campuses according to comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Larry the Cable Guy. All three of them have decided to stop playing campus shows because of the particularly close minded audiences that can’t take a joke.

Liberal professors have infected the minds of their students and created a politically correct Frankenstein monster. Seriously. A professor recently wrote about how his liberal students “terrify” him. Unknowingly proving that point, one of those such students actually had the gall to write an open letter to Jerry Seinfeld and lecture him on ‘proper’ comedy.  That’s what this country is coming to.

That’s what this segment on Real Time was all about. Political correctness is getting way out of hand and it has to be stopped. Maher himself was almost prevented from speaking at Berkeley last year because of some of the jokes he’s made in the past. That petition famously failed and Maher spoke anyway making sure to lambaste those that protested during his speech.

Thankfully, Bill Maher still has the freedom on HBO to call out political correctness for what it is: a “new brand of censorship”. Like censorship, it prevents people from expressing themselves in ways that aren’t approved. Political correctness is a brand that people are actually supporting too. They don’t realize the similarities they share with the thought police and book burners. The PC Police are even worse though because they don’t “care if something is actually offensive” and censor people regardless. Particular words themselves are banned just because of the off chance they could be offensive.

That’s not a society that we should want to live in. People should be as free from the censorship of political correctness as they are from actual government censorship. Instead of limiting debate by silencing the ‘offensive’ side people should want open discussion. Instead of trying to lecture comedians on what’s allowed they should let the people decide what they want to hear for themselves. The marketplace of ideas should be free and open not censored by politically correct busy bodies selfishly promoting their narrow agendas.

At the very least, as Bill Maher says in the opening of this segment, “Americans have got to learn how to take a joke”.

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