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National Poll Shows Gary Johnson In First Place Among Voters Under 25

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Winning the election is one thing but winning the hearts and minds of the youth is an entirely different accomplishment. One could argue that the latter has much farther reaching effects. That’s why politicians try to engender support among the youth with college campus events and dedicate resources to youth wings of their campaigns. Although, for the two major parties it’s often a laborious task. Their outdated policies don’t match up with the desires of millennials who want freedom of choice. Gary Johnson’s policies do though. A new national poll shows Gary Johnson in first place with 35% of the vote among voters under 25 years old.

Up to this point Gary Johnson has often come in second place among millennials. Thanks to the bait and switch tactics the Democratic Party employed this year they’ve captured a plurality of Bernie Sanders voters. Although, many of those young people haven’t stuck around to vote for Clinton. Several polls have shown that while Hillary may lead among millennials with around 30% of the vote, Gary Johnson comes in second with around 20 – 25%. He regularly beats Donald Trump in that category. This new poll from Investors Business Daily is the first to show him leading in the age group though.

The poll also shows a significant jump in support in a short amount of time. The most recent previous poll of millennials, taken by Pew in early July, found Johnson at 22% in second place. Gary Johnson’s first place showing at 35% in this IBD poll represents a more than ten point gain in less than a month. The numbers for the other candidates were mostly unchanged except for Trump’s. Hillary Clinton came in second place with 30%, Jill Stein was in third with 14%, and Donald Trump finished last with 12%. That’s Trump’s worst showing yet, and given his 88% unfavorable rating among the youth, that likely won’t change.

Overall, the IBD poll found Gary Johnson at 12% nationwide. In their two previous polls they had shown him and 9 and 11%. Johnson’s support is clearly growing and inching ever closer to the 15% threshold required for inclusion in the Presidential debates. It’s likely only a matter of time before the poll showing him at that level is released.

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