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Here’s Why Gary Johnson Polling At 11% Nationally Is A Big Deal

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With each day it becomes increasingly likely that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be the big government party’s nominees. That understandably has a plurality of Americans extremely disappointed with the corrupt two party system once again. 60% of the population has an unfavorable view of Trump and 52% has an unfavorable view of Clinton. Few people want to have to choose between those two corrupt New York elitists. People are already looking for a third party option even though the election is still months away. That desperate yearning for a third choice is evident in the latest poll that showed Gary Johnson polling at 11% nationally.

Gary Johnson got 11% of the vote in a Trump v.s. Clinton general election poll conducted earlier this month. That’s incredible for several reasons. The first being that this is the highest that Gary Johnson has ever polled. In 2012, Gary Johnson polled at 9% once but only averaged 4.26% in the seventeen polls that included him. Johnson was excluded from the vast majority of the polls which hindered his name recognition, which kept him out of more polls. For him to be included this early on is a good sign he may be able to break that cycle this year.

That leads to the second reason this poll is significant: it’s still six months from the election. The nominees haven’t even been decided yet and 11% of the voting public is already saying they want a third choice. The peoples’ discontent with the two party’s nominees will only grow as the candidates drag each other into the gutter.

Finally, the main reason this poll is a milestone is that only 24% knew enough about Gary Johnson to form an opinion yet 11% support him. In other words, half of the people that know of Gary are already prepared to vote for him. While 24% may seem low it’s light years ahead of where he was four years ago.

This also means that there is enormous untapped potential in informing the public about their third choice. Just imagine if 100% of the public knew enough about Gary Johnson to form an opinion. Getting 5% of the vote would be a piece of cake and getting 33% might even be possible.

Hopefully this will be the first of many such polls that include Gary Johnson. Getting into the polls is the first step towards getting the mainstream name recognition and publicity he needs. If Gary Johnson is already at 11% now, polling at 15% to get into the general election debates will be easy.

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