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Happy Birthday Gary Johnson! Two-Time Libertarian Pres Nominee Turns 64

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After the 2016 Presidential Election Gary Johnson quietly disappeared into the night. He repeatedly stated during the campaign his intention to leave politics altogether after Election Day. Other than a few obligatory posts on social media during the holidays, no one has heard a peep from the most successful Libertarian Presidential nominee in history. It’s exactly the way that the Governor wants it. Nonetheless, millions of libertarians are wishing him a happy birthday this New Years Day. Gary Johnson turned sixty four years old January 1st, which makes him the youngest major party Presidential candidate of 2016.

The oldest candidate to ever run for President is Ronald Reagan who was seventy three when he ran for reelection in 1984. That record will be broken in four years though. Donald Trump was the oldest 2016 Presidential candidate at seventy years old and will be seventy four when he runs for reelection. Hillary Clinton came in a close second at sixty nine years old. They’re followed by Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party at sixty eight, and the Green Party’s Jill Stein who was sixty six. At forty years old, only independent candidate Evan McMullin was younger than Gary Johnson.

As the youngest major party Presidential candidate of 2016, it’s certainly possible that Gary Johnson could run for President again in four years. The Governor will only be sixty seven years old which will be two years younger than Hillary Clinton was when she ran in 2016. Furthermore, Gary Johnson remains in peak physical condition that is unrivaled by any other Presidential candidate in modern history. As the healthiest Presidential candidate ever, Johnson could give the 2020 Republican and Democrat nominees a run for their money even if they turn out to be younger than him.

Time will tell if Gary Johnson decides to run for President again. He will certainly be young enough and healthy enough to do so, and hopefully he’ll take that into account when making that decision three years from now. The more than four million people who voted for Gary Johnson in 2016 will eagerly be awaiting that decision.

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