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Don’t Forget, Everything Hitler Did Was Legal

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everything hitler did was legal



The statists are always crying for more laws to be passed, crying for the government to grow, and for its power to grow. They never take into account what can happen when the government gets that big. They think that only angels are in government and they’d never abuse their power. They forget about all of the times in history when government has been given too much power and has subsequently committed the worst crimes of all.

Libertarians on the other hand remember those tragedies. We’ve learned from history because we know those who don’t are doomed to repeat it. We don’t want to repeat the tyranny of big government. The road to big government starts with passing seemingly harmless laws and granting them more power over us.

Unfortunately, the statists don’t see it that way. They don’t see passing laws as increasing tyranny. They forget that everything Hitler did was legal. It was legal because men write laws. Since men write laws, just because something is legal, doesn’t mean it’s right.

The law is as fallible as man is and the phrase “it’s the law” doesn’t mean or justify anything. Those that fought against Nazism were disobeying an unjust law, because they saw it as their moral responsibility to do so.

Men like Schindler were technically criminals disobeying the state and its decrees. But, they were good men. They were men that didn’t believe in statist propaganda or obeying laws just because they’re laws. They were moral men and morality always trumps legality.

It is the duty of men like that to lead the fight against the state. Men like Schindler, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr all knew that legality is not justness. Then believed in natural rights. Those are the same rights the founders believed in and encoded in our Bill of Rights.

When those rights are re-written and trampled by politicians it is our duty to fight back. It sometimes takes men like Edward Snowden to reveal the government’s abuses. But when they do, it again falls to us to take action and see our rights restored.

Everything the government is subjecting us to right now is legal in the same way as everything Hitler did was legal. It falls to us to take that power back from the government and to reaffirm our natural rights.

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