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Ann Coulter Is Ready To Get Off Trump Train After “Great Negotiator” Fails

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It wasn’t that long ago that Ann Coulter made headlines for stating she would let President Trump perform abortions in the White House. His campaign had just released their policy paper on immigration and it was everything that his anti-illegal immigration base had been waiting for. That “blind loyalty”, to use Ann Coulter’s own words, propelled Donald Trump to victory but it won’t get him reelected. The realities of office have hit the President especially hard and he has caved on nearly every campaign promise, including immigration. As a result of these repeated failures, Ann Coulter is ready to get off the Trump Train after only a hundred days.

One of Donald Trump’s defining attributes, that he heavily reinforced at every opportunity, was that he was the “great negotiator”. The first three months of his Presidency have proven that to be a complete and total fraud. The failure to completely repeal Obamacare, the continuation of President Obama’s budget, and failure to even announce a plan for the border wall have proven that. Ann Coulter’s statements reflect many Trump supporters who are now realizing they have been conned:

Where is the great negotiation? Where is the bull in the china shop we wanted? That budget the Republicans pushed through was like a practical jokeā€¦ Did we win anything? And this is the great negotiator?

For one of Donald Trump’s greatest supporters to think about getting off the Trump Train after only a hundred days is dire news for the President. It’s not just the pundits though. This exasperation with his failures is starting to show up in the polls. No matter how much President Trump’s own supporters discount them, there is some truth behind the numbers. Trump’s approval ratings startedĀ in the forties and recently they’ve dipped into the thirties. If those numbers sink into the twenties it’s more or less game over. Republicans will start opposing his agenda outright out of fear that supporting him could hurt their chances at reelection.

President Trump has a limited amount of time to turn things around. Ann Coulter still believes he has a chance at doing so but that window is shrinking. If she does eventually decide to get off the Trump Train she won’t be the last. That will be the point of no return for President Trump’s chance at reelection.

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