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Judge Napolitano Spent An Hour Talking With Trump About SCOTUS Picks

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President-Elect Trump’s future cabinet has been hit or miss so far. Although, one of the most important nominations Trump will make won’t be for his cabinet but for the Supreme Court. A Supreme Court Justice will have a far more lasting impact on liberty than anyone in Trump’s cabinet. Luckily, it appears the President-Elect is reaching out to the right people before making this all important decision. Libertarian icon Judge Napolitano was invited to Trump Tower to talk with the President Elect about the qualifications that his Supreme Court nominee should possess. It appears Christmas has come early.

According to Napolitano, he spent a whole hour talking with Trump about a hypothetical candidate to fill Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat. They mainly talked about the qualifications a potential Supreme Court nominee should have who could fill that void. That includes both a nominee’s experience practicing law and the legal theory they abide by. As Judge Napolitano explained, Trump was looking for his insight on the “intellectual, ideological, temperamental qualities he should seek” in a nominee. As a Constitutional originalist and libertarian, it’s easy to imagine the type of justice that the Judge described. It’s certainly the type of justice that any libertarian would be thrilled with.

Unfortunately, Stuart Varney didn’t ask whether or not Judge Napolitano himself was under consideration for the nomination. Although, that’s probably a bit too much to hope for. While the Judge is assuredly qualified it would be difficult to get him past the Senate even with a Republican majority. Nonetheless, libertarians can afford to be a bit hopeful knowing that Judge Andrew Napolitano himself was able to advise Trump on potential nominees. Of course, only time will tell if the President-Elect heeds Judge Andrew Napolitano’s wisdom and chooses a true champion of Constitutional originalism.

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