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‘Libertarians For Trump’ Founder Walter Block Retracts Endorsement Of Austin Petersen

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For the second time an endorsement touted by Austin Petersen has turned out not to be true. Recently, it was reported by Petersen’s publication The Libertarian Republic that Glenn Beck had endorsed him. After we contacted Beck’s office they confirmed to us that this was not the case which we published. After our story spread, The Libertarian Republic issued a retraction. Days later Austin Petersen published another endorsement. This time it was from Libertarians For Trump founder Dr. Walter Block. Once again though, one of Petersen’s endorsement did not pan out. Block rescinded his endorsement once he found out about Petersen’s rejection of the Non-Aggression Principle.

Austin Petersen has since deleted the post from his page and appears to be pretending the whole thing never happened. You can still view a screenshot above though. It is rather embarrassing that twice in a row someone that reportedly endorsed him has felt the need to correct that mistake. Dr. Block’s rescission is even worse than Glenn Beck’s though. At least Beck let his previous kind words stand, even if they weren’t an endorsement. Block actively repudiated Petersen’s positions in his statement.

My reason for rescinding my endorsement. I have just learned that Mr. Peterson rejects the non aggression principle. I think it is the very core of libertarianism, properly understood. Also, he thinks that anarcho-capitalists such as me (and Rothbard, Hoppe, Rockwell, etc.) are not libertarians. That just bespeaks his misunderstanding of our beloved philosophy.

I can support a minarchist such as Ron Paul as our LP standard bearer. I can also support an anarchist. Mr. Peterson violates my understanding of the LP Dallas Accord which provides that neither side will trash the other.

It’s hard to say which is worse in this situation. Is it worse that Austin Petersen was endorsed by the founder of Libertarians For Trump? Or is it worse that the founder of Libertarians For Trump rescinded his endorsement? In other words, Donald Trump is an acceptable candidate for Walter Block’s endorsement, but Austin Petersen isn’t. That speaks volumes to the positions and values of both men.

If Austin Petersen is planning on announcing any more endorsements he would do well to check their validity before publishing. These past occurrences call into question whether a future endorsement would even be true to begin with. This series of unfortunate events doesn’t look good for his campaign or for the Libertarian Party.

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