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Watch Bill Maher Explain Why Gary Johnson Is His “Favorite Governor” On Politically Incorrect

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Talk about a #ThrowbackThursday post. This clip of Gary Johnson on Politically Incorrect is over a decade old. The episode aired back in 2002 and was all but forgotten about until popping up on YouTube shortly before Gary Johnson won the Libertarian Party nomination for President this year. It’s a good thing that it has resurfaced because we can now see exactly how consistent Gary Johnson has been over the past decade. Gary Johnson has the same position on drug legalization now that he had when he described it to Bill Maher fourteen years ago. That position is the main reason behind why Bill Maher considers Gary Johnson to be his “favorite Governor”.

On a side note, it’s remarkable to see a politician that is so consistent. But then again, Gary Johnson isn’t really a politician. He had never served in office before deciding out of the blue to run for Governor of New Mexico in the 1994. Johnson has always been an outsider trying desperately to get things done in an insiders world. He was the highest ranking elected official to call for the legalization of marijuana in 1999 – and he’s still the highest ranking elected official today. Gary Johnson has been fighting for issues like that for decades as is evident from this clip from Politically Incorrect and more.

It’s positions like that which caught the attention of liberals like Bill Maher. Unlike the drug-warrior Democrat establishment, liberals have traditionally been pro-legalization of marijuana. Bill Maher has been outspoken on that issue for decades whereas cronies like Hillary Clinton have enthusiastically supported prohibition. It makes one wonder whether or not Maher will continue to support Clinton knowing that he will have the chance to vote for his “favorite Governor” this fall. Furthermore, his vote will actually count this time given that Johnson is consistently polling in double digits and within striking distance of getting into the Presidential debates.

If Bill Maher were honest with himself, he would recognize that he still has more in common with Gary Johnson than with the neo-conservative Hillary Clinton. We will see if he comes to that realization this year. Having Gary Johnson back on his show in the future could provide the perfect opportunity. Seeing as Gary Johnson has been on every other network since receiving the nomination that could very well happen.

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