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Austin Petersen Impressed On Dana Loesch’s Radio Show

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As a Libertarian Party Presidential candidate simply getting the media to cover your campaign is the biggest challenge. Austin Petersen has been doing a good job of that recently though. Petersen appeared on noted conservative Dana Loesch’s radio program earlier this week and made quite the impression. They talked about a variety of issues from gun rights to the now-infamous wedding cake controversy. Austin Petersen’s appearance was so well liked that at the end of the program Loesch invited him to come back in the future.

The segment started off with Dana Loesch mentioning the possibility of not being able to vote for the Republican nominee. She was of course referring to chance that Donald Trump is able to get to 1,237 delegates and Ted Cruz is shut out. Dana endorsed Ted Cruz earlier this year and has been flirting with the #NeverTrump movement recently as Trump has gained steam. That looks to have brought her to check out Austin Petersen’s candidacy. If Trump wins the nomination, Petersen would be the only pro-life, pro-Constitution candidate on the ballot in all fifty states come this November.

Dana invited Austin on her show to talk about that possibility. The interview started off on a high note when Petersen connected his campaign slogan “Taking over government to leave everyone alone” with his appreciation of Calvin Coolidge. Dana immediately picked up on that saying “I felt like we just became best friends a little bit there”. Silent Cal is perhaps the most libertarian President of the 20th century and one that libertarians respect for his restraint. Coolidge was a big fan of the veto and didn’t sign any bills that he thought might be even slightly violate the Constitutional powers delegated to the Federal government.

They then talked about other issues that Austin Petersen would bring to the table for #NeverTrump fans. Loesch agreed with his stances on economic freedom, gun rights, freedom of association, and more. The conservatives she represents certainly have a lot more in common with libertarians than they do with Trump. Hopefully more conservatives like Dana Loesch will realize that when Trump gets the nomination.

Austin Petersen made great strides in this interview and introduced libertarian ideas to a large audience. The best part is that Dana Loesch even invited Petersen back on her show in the future. If Austin Petersen can keep getting media attention like this his campaign for the Libertarian nomination and the Presidency will get a lot easier.

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