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Judge Napolitano’s Five Minute Monologue Exposed The Two Party System

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Years ago there was a well-known show called FreedomWatch that aired on the FOX Business network. It was a bastion of freedom and favorite of libertarians nationwide. It started Judge Andrew Napolitano’s television career and made him the respected media personality he is today. It didn’t last however. In fact, one monologue of his may have directly lead to the show’s cancellation. One of Judge Napolitano’s final speeches has come to be known as “How to get fired from Fox News in under five minutes”. It is true that FreedomWatch was cancelled just days later, but whether or not it was because of this monologue is a mystery. Nonetheless, Judge Napolitano’s five minute monologue exposed the two party system and it lives on today.

Despite his show being cancelled this clip survives across the internet. The two party system was exposed for the duopoly that it is. Napolitano accomplished real journalism by lifting the curtain on a topic that that is often swept under the rug. That may have been part of the cause of his show’s cancellation. He was simply speaking too much of the truth too often. He often spoke about the two party system but this speech is his best and most descriptive speech about it. Few people in the media even acknowledge the similarities between the two parties. Even fewer realize the complete control they have over the government. The Judge knows both of those things to be true.

Judge Napolitano has watched what happens to Republican and Democrat Presidents after they enter the White House. All of their cares about small government and civil liberties are left at the door. Politicians govern the same way their predecessor did and only make the government grow larger at the expense of the individual. They start wars, continue former Presidents’ wars, and spend more than their predecessors. There’s little difference between administrations and the shadow government of alphabet agencies continue to grow. Judge Napolitano is right on all of that.

Even with those obvious similarities the two party system manages to keep going. They somehow manage to manufacture enough minor pop culture issues to argue about to convince people that the parties are actually different. They’ve convinced entire segments of the population to adopt abject partisanship over principle. Millions of people blindly defend all of their party’s actions despite the contradictions.

This ingrained partisanship is why it’s so hard to get people to objectively look at their party. If they ever did they would see how similar they are both in ideology and in practice. They would realize that everything Judge Andrew Napolitano is talking about in this video is true.

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