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Rick Harrison is a Libertarian

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It’s not surprising that this small business owner is a libertarian. Many are because they’re the ones most hurt by big government. Regulations at the state and federal level hurt business owners the most because cronies and lobbyists for big corporations get the most passed. They have the money to pay legislators to pass rules and regulations that the companies they represent have had written in their favor. They might seem like expensive ones, but the corporations have already written in those costs into their budgets and know how to plan for them. Small businesses don’t, and they can’t afford to comply with the ridiculous burden imposed by the corporatists and their bought and paid for legislation.

The ideas Rick Harrison talks about in this quote are aspirational, but not impossible. There are numerous economic estimates that would put the U.S. GDP at over $54 Trillion a year… if regulations were kept at 1949 levels. With a GDP more than three times the size it is now it’s likely we could have a trade surplus and be energy independent with full employment. With an estimated $330,000 a year median income there would surely be charity hospitals across the country as well.

Rick Harrison is a Libertarian not only because he understands big government’s impact on his business, he also probably believes in the social issues as well. Probably because no one calls themselves a “total libertarian” without believing in both economic and individual liberty. While there aren’t any direct quotes about his opinions on drug legalization, NSA spying and privacy, and getting government out of marriage, he’s likely in agreement that less government is best there too. His support of 2nd Amendment rights can certainly be assumed from watching the show. He regularly buys and sells antique weapons, and fires them, showing his appreciation of both guns and American’s rights to own them.

We’ll hopefully learn more about Rick Harrison’s political beliefs in the future, and more specifically where he stands on more issues. Until then, he’s a welcomed addition to other famous libertarians.

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