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Top 3 Libertarian Positions That Are Now Mainstream

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Top 3 Libertarian Positions That Are Now Mainstream

Above is the leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada Tim Moen expressing a common libertarian saying. Libertarians are the only ones who believe gay married couples should be able to protect their marijuana plants with guns. And for the first time a majority of Americans believe in those three things. Although, they are different majorities. The same fifty percent doesn’t believe in all three at the same time. Nonetheless, these libertarian positions are now mainstream.

Libertarianism is becoming mainstream despite everything the political establishment and mainstream media are trying to do to stop it. While in the past libertarianism was a fringe belief there are now millions of Americans that consider themselves to be libertarian. Pew’s latest poll found that 11% of Americans identify as libertarian and know what that word means.

There’s an even larger number of people that believe in some mainstream libertarian positions. This is a much, much larger number because some of these positions have even passed the majority mark in support. Here are the top three libertarian positions that are now mainstream as defined by having +50% support nationwide.

1. Marijuana Legalization

Nationwide support for marijuana legalization is at 52% according to Pew, and 51% according to Gallup, as of November, 2014. That means that this libertarian position has finally entered mainstream politics, even if both parties are still ignoring it. Four states have already legalized marijuana, and there are several more states that will have legalization on their ballots in 2016.

2. Gun Rights

This issue may be a harder to quantify because it’s more complicated than support or oppose. Nonetheless, more Americans favor protecting gun rights than controlling guns. Like marijuana legalization, support for gun rights was once rather unpopular but the movement has rapidly closed the gap in just a few years. Now, for the first time 52% of Americans support protecting gun rights over controlling guns. Self defense has always been a critical libertarian issue and it’s nice to see that becoming mainstream.

3. Marriage Equality

The full libertarian position on this issue would be that government shouldn’t be in the business of marriage at all which would make it a non-issue. But there is also a significant amount of libertarians who say that as long as the government is in the business they shouldn’t discriminate by sex as to who can get married. Therefore, with support for marriage equality at 60% nationwide, gay marriage is another mainstream position that was once exclusively libertarian.

All three of those issues were once minority beliefs that were only popular with libertarians. Now they’ve entered the mainstream for good and are changing politics and government as we know them. Each issue will have a significant impact during the upcoming 2016 Presidential election season. Since these libertarian issues are now mainstream the two parties will have to adopt them or suffer the consequences when independents break Libertarian en masse.

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