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The Libertarian Argument for Legalizing Marijuana

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The Libertarian Argument for Legalizing Marijuana


There is only one absolute argument for marijuana legalization that doesn’t involve arbitrary laws decided upon by bureaucrats. That’s the libertarian argument for legalizing marijuana which is based on the principle of self ownership. We believe that people own their own bodies and what they choose to put in them. That also means people own the products of their labor. It’s an absolute principle, either you own your body, or you don’t. That includes taking responsibility for your choices and the consequences of your actions. Marijuana should be legalized for the same reasons all drugs should be, people own their bodies and should be able to choose what they put in them. The State has no right to arbitrarily decide what people can and can’t consume.

The Republicans, Democrats, and Statists have a different opinion on the issue, none of them believe in the right to self ownership. They all believe that the FDA and other government agencies have the right to tell people what food and drugs they can consume. There are some Democrats and Republicans that want to legalize marijuana though. Not all, but some.

Democrats that want to legalize marijuana want to do so because they don’t think marijuana is harmful. They think they should be free to consume it because of that reason alone. They still think that the government has the right to ban things that aren’t good for people. These include other drugs like cocaine, and even foods with trans fats or sugar in them.  It’s just as arbitrary as the government deciding what’s legal or not, there’s no strong absolute principles behind their arguments.

The same principles are lacking the the Republicans arguments. Sure, they believe that states’ rights is a strong principle, and it can be, but it doesn’t trump self ownership. They want the federal government to legalize marijuana so it can become a states’ decision, they don’t think the Feds have the Constitutional authority. But that begs the question, do state governments have the authority to overrule self ownership? No, they don’t, but the Republicans think they do. Their arguments for legalizing marijuana are just as arbitrary then. They still believe in a government telling you what you can and can’t consume.

The Statists are at least consistent. They believe that marijuana should not be legalized because it’s already illegal. They think the State has chosen wisely in criminalizing marijuana and stand by that, because it’s the law. There’s no room for argument or reform with a Statist, they worship government and its absolute power.

As you can see, the libertarian argument for legalizing marijuana is the strongest. That’s because we believe in absolute principles of human freedom without exception. Hopefully more people on both the left and the right will come around to that way of thinking.

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