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Libertarians Believe in Freedom, Plain and Simple

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Politics is complicated due its very nature. Republicans often don’t represent their party platform any more often than the Democrats support their own. Ideology rarely governs any longer in the two party system. Although, third parties have remained principled. Libertarians believe in freedom, and we take the best from both parties. Or rather, we take the best from what both parties are supposed to believe in.

Graphics like these distill all of the political nuance into layman’s terms. It shows what libertarians believe in the simplest way possible which is what makes it so perfect. It also correctly shows libertarians as the political center because freedom is the center. Libertarians believe in the best of both parties which is maximum individual and economic freedom. As long as your not hurting anyone else you should be free to make your own personal and economic choices. Libertarians believe in trying to answer problems with more freedom instead of less.

The image is a little too simple though because it gives the Republicans and Democrats too much credit for positions they can’t really back up if you look at their voting records. For example, it shows the Democrats as tolerating other’s personal choices, which would include things like personal consumption of drugs, but the Democrats haven’t done anything to stop the War on Drugs. It also shows the Republicans as believing in economic freedom but that is only half true. They still support agriculture subsidization, bail outs, and dozens of other crony capitalist positions and that’s not economic freedom.

Unlike those two, libertarians truly believe in both freedom of choice and free markets. Despite the graphic’s undue generosity toward the two parties, this is still a great image to quickly explain what libertarians believe. It’s a perfect primer for those looking to understand more about libertarianism and the Libertarian Party platform. It can help start the conversation and show other people how libertarian they really are.

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