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Here’s a Libertarian Definition Compared to the Left and Right Wing

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libertarian compared to left and right wing

Lots of people probably think it’d be hard to come up with a libertarian definition. The news media certainly doesn’t understand us and neither do many politicians. The propaganda politicians spout often confuses people about actual libertarian beliefs. They say that libertarians agree with part of their platforms but that’s normally not true in practice.

In reality, we believe in some of the things the right wing claims to believe in like economic freedom and we also believe in some of the things the left wing claims to believe in like civil liberties. But, we truly believe in both of those liberties we don’t just pay them lip service like the two parties do.

A libertarian definition isn’t really based off of parts of what the statists claim to believe. It’s actually our beliefs that are what they’ve adopted parts of not the other way around. This libertarian definition is independent of the false left-right spectrum but still contrasts against both sides.

One of the best parts of this libertarian definition is that it’s short and sweet, and gives a good comparison to the two parties. We’re for freedom, they’re for force, and it’s as simple as that. Unlike the left and right wing we believe in freedom on all issues not just a select few. We believe individuals should be free from government force and able to make their own personal and economic decisions. We believe that adults should be treated like adults and allowed to control their own lives. They should be able to consume what they want, choose who they marry, what kind of unregulated healthcare they buy, use any type of currency they choose, not be forced to pay income tax, and not be forced to fund wars. Live and let live is the most basic libertarian definition.

It’s harder to define the two parties and the left and right wing. Each of the two parties has a segment that claims they’re for freedom in some areas and state control in others. It gets really confusing because of the arbitrary way they pick issues to apply freedom to. Some Democrats claim they’re for civil liberties but then they’re still for government licensed marriage. Some Republicans claim they’re for economic freedom but then they’re still for agriculture subsidies. It really doesn’t make much sense and it makes their definitions much harder because of those frequent inconsistencies. Even though they say they believe in freedom, it’s easier to define them all as statists. They all support government force in most areas of people’s lives. It’s a sharp contrast with the consistent libertarian definition.

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