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Here’s How Rand Paul Would Fix The Senate’s Healthcare Bill

Mitch McConnell admitted defeat earlier this week when he postponed the vote on the Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act. Rand Paul’s conservative coalition announced they wouldn’t be voting for it which ensured the legislation wouldn’t pass. Now that the battle has been won, the Kentucky Senator announced…

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Rand Paul’s Vote So Crucial That It’s President Trump’s “Personal Mission” To Earn It

The Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act came out to the same response from conservatives that the original House version got. It was also boycotted in the same manner by principled Republicans who knew that it wasn’t the true repeal of Obamacare that they were promised. Rand Paul,…

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Thomas Massie: House Version Was Obamacare 2.0, Senate Version Is Obamacare 1.1

Software is produced and released on an incremental basis. That’s what earned Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill its Obamacare 2.0 moniker. Critics saw it as simply a newer version of the original legislation and they were right. Although, when that bill was sent to the Senate and became Mitch McConnell’s healthcare…

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Rand Paul, Mike Lee, & Ted Cruz Won’t Vote For The Senate GOP’s Healthcare Bill

The Senate Republican establishment finally revealed their secretly-written and long-awaited healthcare bill. It was exactly as awful as conservatives and libertarians had expected. The bill no longer deserves to be considered Obamacare-lite as the differences between it and the original legislation are too few and far between to be significant.…

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The “New” Senate GOP Healthcare Bill Is Still Obamacare-Lite

Six weeks ago the House Republican leadership introduced their secretly negotiated, so-called Obamacare repeal bill and managed to get it passed by the skin of their teeth. Republicans were derided by Democrats and their own party members for adopting Nancy Pelosi’s motto ‘you’ll have to pass it to see what’s…

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Watch Miss USA Say “Healthcare Is A Privilege”, Trigger Liberals Nationwide

One of the greatest concessions given to Bernie Sanders for his endorsement of Hillary Clinton was the ability to put forward platform planks. Although he didn’t get everything he wanted, the Vermont Senator did successfully¬†insert¬†language that proclaimed¬†“healthcare is a right” into the Democratic party platform. The claim has now become…

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John Kasich Says “Healthcare Is A Right” And Thinks That’s Conservative

The only thing more unlikely than Donald Trump winning the Republican primary would have been if John Kasich had prevailed. As a big government Republican, Kasich’s chances were never good in such an anti-establishment year. That fact coupled with some of the more liberal things the Ohio Governor said on…

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Here’s Why Justin Amash Voted For The AHCA After Initially Opposing It

The second version of the American Health Care Act was put forward a couple weeks after the first version failed to come to a vote. It squeaked through the House by the slimmest of margins with twenty Republicans voting against it, including Congressman Thomas Massie. Although, Congressman Justin Amash wasn’t…

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Watch Rand Paul Explain How He’d Protect People With Preexisting Conditions

After some revision, Obamacare-Lite finally passed the House (by a meager five vote margin) and is on the way to the Senate. Congressional Republicans and the Trump administration cheered the ‘victory’ while conservatives scoffed at the massive subsidies that were still included. A majority of the spending that was left…

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After Golf With Trump, Rand Paul Says Health Care Deal Is “Getting Closer”

Apparently Rand Paul is much better at golf than Donald Trump insinuated a couple years ago during the Republican Presidential primary. President Trump took the Kentucky Senator out golfing to discuss health care and a “variety of issues”. Libertarians and conservatives were cautiously optimistic that this meant Rand Paul might…

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