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2016 Libertarian Party Primaries

Here’s The Full List Of Everyone Who’s Endorsed Gary Johnson

Endorsements seem to have been flying left and right in the Libertarian Party recently. Most of the verified endorsements have been hitting one candidate in particular though. It comes as no surprise that the party’s 2012 nominee Gary Johnson has been getting far and away the most endorsements from state…

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Third National Poll Puts Gary Johnson At 10% Taking More From Democrats Than Republicans

Thinks are looking up for the Libertarian Party. Their chances of getting into the Presidential debates are continually increasing thanks to the flood of media coverage over the past few weeks. The coverage has even produced tangible results. Gary Johnson has polled at 10% for the third time in as many…

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Here’s The Story With The Koch Funds Pledged To Gary Johnson’s Bid

Libertarian circles are swirling with the rumors published that David Koch is going to spend a minimum of $10 million on Gary Johnson’s Presidential bid. That story cited an unnamed source within the Johnson campaign and has not been verified. It was even contradicted by Johnson himself who was interviewed…

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Here’s How You Can Watch The Libertarian Party Debate On The Blaze

The last Libertarian Party debate of 2016 took place only ten days before the national convention in Orlando. The debate featured Gary Johnson, John McAfee, and Austin Petersen and was hosted by Penn Jillette in Las Vegas on May 16th. It was filmed by Glenn Beck’s television channel TheBlaze and will…

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Gary Johnson Made A Great Choice Picking Governor William Weld For VP

Things are starting to get serious. The Republican and Democrat nominees are almost official and they’ve already started looking at Vice Presidential candidates. No matter who Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton pick, their party’s tickets will be among the least experienced in modern American history. The Libertarian Party is going…

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Here’s What Happened At The Libertarian Party Debate In Las Vegas

As with most inter-party debates, the candidates agree on three quarters of what will be said and the remaining quarter is where it gets interesting. This was the case for the Libertarian Party debate hosted by Penn Jillette in Las Vegas yesterday afternoon. Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John McAfee…

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Here’s Everything You Missed From The RT Libertarian Party Debate

Unfortunately, Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John McAfee each had separate reasons that they could not attend the RT Libertarian Party debate. Therefore, with the Presidential debate already announced, the network called in the second string of candidates in fourth, fifth, and sixth place. Kevin McCormick, Darryl W. Perry, and…

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Libertarian Party Primary Results: Gary Johnson Won Nebraska, Petersen Second

This year there were six states that allowed the Libertarian Party on their primary ballots: Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, Oregon, and California. The Minnesota caucus and North Carolina primary were won by Gary Johnson in early March. Then Austin Petersen won his home state of Missouri, however, Johnson and McAfee didn’t…

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John McAfee Is Facing A Wrongful-death Civil Lawsuit Over That Murder In Belize

There are mere weeks to go until the Libertarian Party National Convention in Orlando and we have to start taking more critical looks at the current Presidential candidates. Thanks to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton we have been presented with a historic opportunity this election. We need to be absolutely sure…

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#NeverTrump Sen Ben Sasse Should Vote In The Libertarian Party Primary Tomorrow

Thanks to the two party duopoly there are few states that allow the Libertarian Party on their primary ballots. This year there were six: Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, Oregon, and California. Nebraska is next and it will have its primary on May 10th. Interestingly enough, Nebraska also happens to be…

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