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2016 Republican Primaries

Here’s Why Rand Paul Will Be Endorsing Donald Trump

The rumors are true. Rand Paul will be endorsing Donald Trump. It’s some of the most disappointing news that libertarians have heard this year and at first it looks like many of his detractors may have been proven right. Rand Paul is putting party before principle with this endorsement plain and…

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Ted Cruz Dropped Out, Let’s Welcome His Fans To The Libertarian Party

It’s finally over. Ted Cruz dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination thereby conceding it to Donald Trump. This may be the end of the line for his campaign but it doesn’t have to be the end for the ideas that Ted Cruz fans believe in. If you believe…

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Reince Priebus Made It Clear That It’s 1,237 Delegates Or Bust

For the first time since 1952 the Republican Party may have an open convention. Donald Trump may not be able to clinch the 1,237 delegates that he needs for an outright majority. Ted Cruz is even less likely to achieve that goal. That means that both will go into the…

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Rand Paul Explains Rule 40: What The GOP Did To Ron Paul Is “Backfiring”

The Republican establishment is currently panicking over the thought of Donald Trump winning their nomination. They’re equally as frightened of Ted Cruz though. They want Marco Rubio or John Kasich to be in the running. However, as Rand Paul explains above, there’s one thing preventing those candidates’ votes from counting:…

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Ted Cruz Believes States Have The Right To Legalize Marijuana

In a Republican primary that has once again become a battle of ‘who’s more conservative’ it’s always interesting when a candidate deviates from that pattern. Most of the time they change course to answer the more important issue of which man is more electable. The clear answer in that case…

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Stephen Colbert Knows Why Donald Trump Lost Wisonsin

Donald Trump had been beating Ted Cruz in Wisconsin polls as recently as two weeks ago. It looked like the Trump train was going to keep plowing ahead and the Donald would be able to make it to 1,237 delegates after all. Then, to everyone’s surprise, his lead evaporated almost…

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“Conservative” Donald Trump Says Healthcare And Education Are Top Federal Functions

It’s pretty difficult to nail down Donald Trump on any issue other than his inane idea to make Mexico pay for a border wall. The rest of his policies mainly consist of “I’m good, they’re bad” or “I’m weak, they’re strong” and there’s no real substance. So when Trump is…

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Here’s What Marco Rubio’s Endorsement Could Mean For Ted Cruz’s Chances

Marco Rubio dropped out of the Presidential race after suffering an embarrassing twenty point loss in his home state. He only won one state out of the thirty that have had primaries so far. It might seem like his endorsement wouldn’t mean much to Ted Cruz. Although, Marco Rubio’s endorsement…

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The Difference Between Ted Cruz And Donald Trump

For all intents and purposes there are only two candidates still in the running for the Republican nomination. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are the only men who have achieved enough delegates and won enough states to give them a plausible path to the nomination. Marco Rubio is likely to lose his…

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Justin Amash Says Donald Trump May Be A Bigger Threat Than Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is projected to come away with a majority of delegates from the Super Tuesday primaries. That will greatly increase the likelihood he will actually be the Republican nominee. On the other side, Hillary Clinton is doing the same and making it appear the threat from Bernie Sanders has long…

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