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Listen To Why This Veteran Is Supporting Gary Johnson For President

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The Washington Post recently did a story on veterans who were supporting Donald Trump for President. It also went into detail on how these veterans could be the deciding vote in many swing states. Hidden within the video that accompanied the in-depth article was this gem. One of the veterans that the Post interviewed for that piece, Corporal Chaz Ivy, wasn’t supporting Trump, but was supporting Gary Johnson for President instead. Contrary to popular belief, the non-interventionist foreign policy and budget cutting proposals of the Libertarian Presidential candidate are popular within the Armed Forces. This veteran is supporting Gary Johnson for President for those reasons and more.

Previous polls have found that Gary Johnson is actually leading both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton among active troops. Earlier in the summer a poll from one of the largest veterans news sites found Johnson with 38.7% support to Trump’s 30.9% and Clinton’s 14.1%. Among veterans the percentage was slightly lower, at 36.1%, but Johnson still lead the field. This poll proves that despite stereotypes actual military members do not support the gung-ho adventurism of the Republicans and Democrats. A plurality doesn’t want to be the world’s police or get involved in civil wars with no end in sight. They respect the American tradition of non-interventionism.

Gary Johnson won’t let veterans like Chaz Ivy and thousands of others go without a voice. He is going to continue the fight to get into the Presidential debates so that there is a third voice on the stage that represents peace. Without him, the issues of nation building and interventionism will go completely undiscussed.

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