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Thomas Massie To Reintroduce Bill For The U.S. To Withdraw From The U.N.

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The latest fight between the outgoing and incoming administrations is over a recent ruling by the U.N. condemning Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem. The Obama administration did nothing to stop the resolution from passing. This broke with decades of U.S. policy which the incoming Trump administration supports. The problem is, the United Nations shouldn’t have the authority to intervene in these matters to begin with, nor should the United States condone this international meddling. The U.S. shouldn’t even participate in the U.N. to begin with. At least, that’s what Congressman Thomas Massie believes. He’s promising to reintroduce the American Sovereignty Restoration Act during the next Congress.

As a libertarian and constitutionalist, Congressman Massie believes in the supremacy of the United States Constitution as the law of the land. International law doesn’t trump that. Unfortunately, the United Nations has increasing demonstrated a desire to impose its will upon the U.S. and overrule the Constitution. Our government has opposed this for the most part but that hasn’t stopped the U.N. from trying. It’s come to the point that the best way to prevent this usurpation from taking place is to simply leave the United Nations altogether and stop funding the international bureaucracy.

None other than Ron Paul wrote the original legislation that outlined the process by which the United States could withdraw from the United Nations all the way back in 1997. In addition, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act would expel the U.N. from its headquarters in New York and cut all U.S. funding. The bill never received much support but that didn’t stop Ron Paul from reintroducing it on an annual basis throughout his tenure. After the Texas Congressman retired, it has mainly been supported by Congressmen Mike Rogers (R-AL) and Thomas Massie (R-KY).

Rogers and Massie cosponsored the bill in 2015 and again in 2016 after the Brexit vote which brought sovereignty into the national political discussion once more. Thomas Massie has now proposed introducing the legislation after Donald Trump takes office. Given that Republican opposition to the U.N. is at a fever pitch following the Israeli resolution, if there were ever a time the bill could pass it would be now. Hopefully the American Sovereignty Restoration Act will at least see a vote this time around. It will be nice to see which Congressmen are in favor of United States’ sovereignty and which are in favor of international bureaucratic rule.

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