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Rand Paul: “Why Not Just Privatize Marriage?”

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The scandal of the year for Republicans has finally broken. It had been simmering beneath the surface since the Supreme Court’s ruling two months ago but has finally boiled over. Someone decided that they would not follow the court’s ruling and would not issue marriage licenses to a gay couple. It was bound to happen, but what happened next was a bit more surprising. Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk that made that decision, was ordered by a judge to issue those licences, refused, and was taken to jail for contempt of court.

Naturally the hysterics were quick to jump on the issue. Mike Huckabee has thrown reason to the wind and declared there’s no doubt Christianity is criminalized in the United States. That’s a ridiculous overstatement that only serves to trivialize any argument he would make. There does need to be a debate about this issue but saying things like that aren’t constructive.

Luckily cooler heads are prevailing and Rand Paul is taking logical libertarian ideas to the mainstream once again. Like father like son, Rand Paul has been calling for privatizing marriage for years. The true libertarian position on marriage does not believe the state should issue marriage licences but rather people should use private contracts.

That’s the position that Rand Paul brought up to Tucker Carlson. He even cited the state of Alabama where their Senate committee has passed a bill to privatize marriage. The bill hasn’t seen movement in their House yet, but hopefully with this story in the news it will pick up steam. Alabama would be the first state to get out of the marriage business and hopefully other states would follow.

Marriage licencing was done locally and privately until the government got involved after the income tax was passed and marriage tax credits came into existence. With Rand Paul’s simple 14.5% flat tax those credits would be done away with. That would take out any need for the government to recognize marriages and allow private contracts to reign supreme once more.

Private contracts are voluntary, and thus both sides of the argument would be able to get a marriage certificate from their someone who agree with them. Neither side would be able to force their definition of marriage upon the other. Privatizing marriage is the true libertarian position on gay marriage, and it’s nice to see Rand Paul bringing it to a bigger audience.

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