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There’s Almost No Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

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no difference between democrats and republicans

Name a single significant part of the federal government that Bush cut when he went into office. You can’t. Now name a single significant piece of Bush’s government that Obama “changed”. You can’t do that either. Both Presidents were all talk and are in relatively complete agreement about what 95% of the government does. The fact is there isn’t much difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Just look at that Venn diagram above that lays out many of the most important issues of today. There’s almost no difference between Democrats and Republicans there. The only things separating them are a few token issues. The deep state of unelected bureaucrats continues on unhindered no matter which party occupies the White House or controls the Congress. The only thing that changes within Federal departments are the increases of their budgets. Republicans and Democrats defend that status quo.

Of course, some conservatives will say those are just RINO’s positions and some liberals will dissent with this characterization as well. That’s a cop-out. Many of those policies are mainstream enough to be included in the GOP and DNC platforms. Each is supported by a majority of the Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate. These are even positions Mitt Romney and Barack Obama ran on in 2012. Conservatives and liberals can’t say these aren’t their party’s issues when 95% of Republicans and Democrats voted for those two regardless.

Conservatives and liberals are both in denial about their own parties. Neither one wants to admit how much they actually have in common with the other. They won’t accept that their parties have become dominated by big government moderates that don’t listen to their base any longer. This is equally true of both sides. The anti-war, pro-legalization, anti-corporate welfare Democrats have been drowned out by the pro-war Wall Street centrists. The fiscally conservative, small government supporters in the Republican Party have been shut out by those same centrists.

The reality is the two parties have effectively merged and if one of their candidates is elected 95% of the big government party’s platform will be enacted. The government will remain almost exactly the same as it was when the last President was in office. It’s bi-partisan tyranny that doesn’t truly represent the base of either party – or the people.

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