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Watch Hillary Cite Fake News And U.S. Propaganda To Justify The Iraq War

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Democrats are in complete and total denial about why their nominee lost the Presidential election to Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton herself is blaming everything from fake news to Russian propaganda in her quest to absolve herself from any responsibility. It’s the same pattern of behavior she has demonstrated her entire career. It’s the vast right-wing conspiracy all over again with a fresh coat of paint for 2016. Ironically, Hillary Clinton is blaming her election loss on the same type of fake news and state propaganda that she cited when justifying her vote for the Iraq War.

During the buildup to the Iraq War countless stories were featured in the mainstream media that were based on outright lies put forward by the Bush administration. Clinton cited a few of those fake news stories including the universally acknowledged lie that Saddam Hussein was helping Al-Qaeda. There has never been any proof to substantiate this claim despite the administration’s earnest efforts to make it appear so. A few years after the invasion, the director of the CIA George Tenet said the administration “could never verify that there was any Iraqi authority, direction and control, complicity with al-Qaida for 9/11 or any operational act against America, period”. That’s about as final as a statement could be.

Hillary Clinton also cited U.S. propaganda that insisted Iraq had a nuclear weapons program. Clinton repeated that claim despite the fact that every U.N. weapons inspection prior to the war found no evidence of this program. Unfortunately, the media had already bought the Bush administration’s war propaganda. Saddam Hussein’s “nuclear ambitions” were widely reported by the mainstream media including the New York Times. The evidence for these programs was so flimsy that it fell apart mere months after the invasion. The Times was subsequently forced to issue a full page apology letter for their glaring lack of judgement. Of course, Hillary Clinton never apologized though.

That lack of retrospection and abject hypocrisy is a large part of the reason that Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election. She never meaningfully apologized for voting for the Iraq War, taking millions from Goldman Sachs, or illegally setting up a private email server. Instead, Hillary blamed the Bush administration, blamed other politicians, and blamed the State Department. She never took responsibility for any of her mistakes then, and insisted the rules didn’t apply to her.

Now, Hillary Clinton is blaming fake news and Russian propaganda for her loss while not acknowledging she cited fake news and propaganda  just over a decade ago to justify voting for the Iraq War. Only a Clinton could pull off hypocrisy like that with a straight face. If that attitude of ‘do as I say but not as I do’ persists, the elitist Democratic Party will continue to lose elections for the foreseeable future – and they’ll deserve to.

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