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Watch Alan Colmes Interview Ron Paul After He Schooled Rudy Guiliani

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When Ron Paul first ran for President as a Republican in 2008 the media landscape was very different. Most news shows at least attempted to present some semblance of balance between left and right; although they still excluded libertarians. The networks are far worse now and the lack of relatively balanced programs such as Hannity & Colmes is a good example. In addition to trolling Hannity, Alan Colmes regularly gave Ron Paul the attention he deserved throughout the Republican primaries. Colmes’ interview with Ron Paul after his “Giuliani moment” helped the candidate capitalize on a major boost to his fledgling campaign.

Despite the already apparent failure of the Iraq War, every Republican presidential candidate was unabashedly for continuing it indefinitely. Every candidate except for Ron Paul of course. This regularly put the Texas Congressman in the spotlight when the debate switched to foreign policy. It also made him a target for the most hawkish of hawks Rudy Giuliani whose entire campaign was centered on 9/11 sentimentality. This finally came to a head in May of 2007 wherein Ron Paul famously schooled the New York Mayor on blowback and stole the show. Ron Paul’s “Giuliani moment” earned him more media coverage than he had received up until that point. That tour started with his post-debate interview with Alan Colmes.

After this interview, and many others, Ron Paul’s campaign was given new life. Until that point the campaign had struggled to raise funds but soon found themselves flush with cash. Ron Paul successfully used the moment to help define his campaign as the peace candidate and differentiate himself from the other Republicans. Before the debate and media tour, his campaign was so far under the radar that he was often excluded from national polls. That exclusion ended shortly thereafter and Ron Paul began to build points on a regular basis.

Alan Colmes was a major part of this transformation. If he hadn’t given Ron Paul the time of day after the debate, as most other news networks refused to, things could have played out very differently. Colmes continued with that inclusiveness for the rest of the election cycle as well and regularly defended Ron Paul’s comments from neoconservatives. All of Ron Paul’s supporters should be thankful for that.

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