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The Libertarian Party Attacked Rand Paul, Libertarians Attacked Them Back

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The Libertarian Party Attacked Rand Paul, Libertarians Attacked Back


The Libertarian Party posted the above image on their Facebook page. The backlash they received in the comments was well deserved. Hundreds of people commented, and all of the top comments were people disgusted with the image. Fans called it “childish”, “idiotic”, and “shortsighted”. They’re right, and their comments received more likes than the post itself.

Their post was an utterly blatant smear. Nothing more. It’s shameful that the Libertarian Party attacked Rand Paul this way. Trying to put Rand Paul in the same category as Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton is despicable. If they wanted to challenge Paul on his positions, that would be one thing. This is entirely different, and doesn’t set the example that libertarians expect from the Libertarian Party. They’re supposed to be the ‘Party of Principle’, not the Party of Pettiness.

It’s a rather pathetic attempt to discredit a man who’s done great things for liberty. Unlike the Bushs and Clintons, the Pauls are not tyrants or elitists. They don’t come from power, and don’t exert any. They’re humble men that have had, and will have, a lasting effect on liberty in this country.

To try and compare Rand Paul to Jeb Bush, or Hillary Clinton, is desperate. Unlike those two tarnished dynasties, the Paul name is respectable. Ron Paul has done more for libertarianism than the Libertarian Party has itself. Ron Paul is surely ashamed of the Libertarian Party for this baseless, and tasteless attack on his son. After all, at the heart of it it’s an attack on his name.

Furthermore, if the intention was to compare Rand Paul’s political beliefs to Bush’s or Clinton’s, that’s even more deplorable. No libertarian, even the most purist ones, would say that Paul’s beliefs are anywhere near comparable to Bush’s or Clinton’s. Those two are famously neo-conservative big government tyrants. Rand Paul is through and through a small government conservative, and libertarian. Even those who claim he isn’t libertarian enough don’t compare him to Bush or Clinton.

For the Libertarian Party to attempt to color him as a big government elitist running on his last name is a miserably inadequate smear. Libertarians know where candidates stand on the issues, and what their qualifications are. We don’t listen to these paltry attacks because they only come from the impetuous. It’s absolute desperation that drives these type of personal attacks, and libertarians see right through them.

It’s obvious that the Libertarian Party is afraid that libertarians will support Rand Paul in 2016. They should be afraid, because libertarians should support him. Attacks like these give us even more reason to.

Why would we vote for a party that attacks liberty lovers in such a detestable way? It makes the Libertarian Party look just like the other two they claim to hate so much. Worse in fact, because the Libertarian Party has yet to elect a candidate. These attacks make them look bitter, and jealous of the success libertarians are having in other political parties. So much for the ‘Party of Principle’ indeed, it appears the only progress they want libertarianism to have is that with their seal.

Libertarians will have to decide for themselves who to support in 2016. But none of us should support a party that uses disgraceful and hollow attacks like this. No libertarian should support a party that is narrow-mindedly trying to shrink the liberty movement, instead of trying to grow it.

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