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Obama Just Told One Of The Biggest Lies Of His Entire Presidency

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There’s a reason that President Obama hadn’t been on FOX News Sunday in seven years. Chris Wallace is one of the best journalists on television today and he never holds any punches. He asks tough questions of his guests no matter which side of the aisle they may be on. It was no different when Obama finally decided to go back on FOX News Sunday this year. Chris Wallace asked him if Hillary Clinton would be treated any differently because she’s the presumptive Democrat Party nominee. Of course, Obama answered that Hillary Clinton would be treated the same as anyone else because “nobody is above the law”. He even went so far as to say there’s no political influence in the Department of Justice. In doing so, Obama told one of the biggest lies of his entire Presidency.

That’s quite an accomplishment for Obama. He already won Politifact’s Lie of the Year for his claim that “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan” under Obamacare. That’s just one example though. Politifact has fact checked President Obama an astounding 578 times. They’ve rated his statements “Pants On Fire” 9  times, False 70 times, Mostly False 67 times, and Half True 154 times. They’re normally pretty generous with the Half True rulings too. With that taken into account, Obama has lied 52% of the time that Politifact has checked. That’s a pretty terrible record almost on par with FOX News or CNN.

This latest one of Obama’s lies almost takes the cake though. The idea that Obama could “guarantee there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department or the FBI” is ludicrous. He must still be in denial of the fact that his IRS targeted Tea Party groups. He must still be in denial that his DOJ is roadblocking Congress’ investigation of the Fast and Furious gun running scandal. Either that, or Obama knows that he’s lying outright.

It got even more ridiculous when Obama made the banal claim that “nobody is above the law”. It’s amazing he still thinks that anyone believes that tripe. There is no question that Hillary Clinton has been above the law throughout this entire investigation. There is simply no other reasonable explanation for why it has been over a year and no formal charges have been proposed. Occam’s Razor dictates that political interference is clearly the reason why she hasn’t been charged.

Seven years in the White House has certainly had an effect on Obama’s honesty. He’s always stretched the truth but if anything he’s an even more brazen liar now than he was before he ran for President. It’s quite sad really, but isn’t all that surprising given what happens to all politicians after spending time in Washington. Even this latest one of Obama’s lies wasn’t shocking when you take into account all of his others. The next lie probably won’t be either.

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