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Jeff Daniels Reprised Will McAvoy And Destroyed Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump

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As you may recall there was once a short-lived show on HBO called The Newsroom that featured a know-it-all anchor disgusted with the media. Actor Jeff Daniels played the infamous Will McAvoy for a couple seasons but it was his monologue questioning American exceptionalism that went viral on YouTube. In a short video shot in the same style as that clip, Daniels reprised his character to take on the presumptive nominees of the Democrat and Republican parties. Jeff Daniels destroyed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a blistering line of attack that left both sides searching for the burn ward.

Jeff Daniels, or perhaps the Will McAvoy character that he was channeling, attacked the media for saying that Donald Trump is the best case scenario for Hillary Clinton. Sure he is a “fact-bending loose cannon who alienates mainstream voters with everything he says”. That’s true, but, and this is where the big but comes in, Trump “gets constant media attention”. That’s one of the most important factors determining who people vote for. It’s how Donald Trump won the Republican nomination after all. As sad as it may be to admit for our country, people vote for who they’ve seen on television.

That wasn’t the end of the rant though. Jeff Daniels followed up with an equally critical look at Hillary Clinton. Despite the Democrat establishment’s firm backing she’s an incredibly unpopular figure in her own party and in the country as whole. As pointed out in classic Will McAvoy style, Hillary Clinton is only viewed favorably by 38% of the public and only “30% of the people said she’s honest and trustworthy”. Making matters even worse is that “just 22% of Democrats say they’re enthusiastic about her being the nominee”.

So when the media keeps saying that Donald Trump is the best case scenario for Hillary Clinton, Jeff Daniels doesn’t “know what the fuck you’re talking about”. Both candidates are hated by the public at large and it’s really become a choice of who is hated least. It’s a sad way to view the election but it’s exactly the choice that’s being presented by the Republican and Democrat establishment. They don’t care who wins the Presidency as long as their party’s letter is next to the winner’s name.

Although he probably wasn’t intending to, Jeff Daniels actually made a great case for a third party with this video. If you don’t want to vote for the candidate you hate less there is an alternative. When Daniels’ own favorite Bernie Sanders is kicked out of the race hopefully he’ll spend some time looking into the Libertarian Party.

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