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Glenn Beck’s Office Confirms He Has Not Endorsed Austin Petersen

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Glenn Beck's Office Confirms He Has Not Endorsed Austin Petersen

The Presidential race is a resume contest first and an endorsement game second. It’s big news whenever another politician, media personality, or celebrity endorses a candidate. Sometimes these endorsements are seen a mile away and other times they come out of nowhere. This recent news was the latter. Austin Petersen’s publication The Libertarian Republic published an article with the headline “BREAKING: Glenn Beck Endorses Austin Petersen”. Contrary to libertarians displeased with the news, an endorsement from Glenn Beck would be nice, if it were true. But, as Glenn Beck’s office later confirmed to us, he has not endorsed Austin Petersen.

Unlike most of the conservative media, Glenn Beck has always treated libertarians fairly. He’s left the Republican Party although he endorses Constitutional conservatives like Ted Cruz from time to time. After Cruz dropped out, it was unsure where Glenn Beck’s support would go. He gave the Libertarian Party the opportunity for a nationally televised debate as a way to earn that support. Beck also interviewed Gary Johnson, John McAfee, and Austin Petersen following that debate. It was following one of those interviews that he said encouraging things about Austin Petersen who unscrupulously ran with those comments as an official endorsement.

After seeing the story pop up on The Libertarian Republic‘s Facebook page we reached out to Glenn Beck’s office to get the whole story. Apparently, according to his spokesperson, Glenn Beck has not endorsed Austin Petersen. While everything that Beck said during the interview still stands, that should not be read as an official endorsement. The spokesman went on to impress Beck has not endorsed any Presidential candidate since Ted Cruz and has no plans to at this time. That’s the complete opposite of what TLR posted earlier today. That article’s headline is in dire need of a correction if not a full retraction.

It makes sense that this story was false. If Glenn Beck had actually endorsed another Presidential candidate it would be national news. You would be hearing about the endorsement from FOX News, not The Libertarian Republic. More than one outlet would be reporting on the news not just Petersen’s own website. Furthermore, there has been no official press release from Austin Petersen’s campaign website. This adds to the fact that he is knowingly promoting an endorsement which he knows to be false while covering himself with a surrogate.

Unfortunately, and that word is meant genuinely, the endorsement simply isn’t true. Glenn Beck did not endorse Austin Petersen. Deliberately misleading libertarians with this information is a disappointing development in the Presidential race. Hopefully The Libertarian Republic will correct their article’s headline and make it clear.

UPDATE After this article was published The Libertarian Republic issued a retraction of their article.

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