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Bill Maher Schooled Anti-White Liberals Who Constantly Cry ‘Racist’

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Segments like this are what gives Bill Maher his limited crossover appeal to non-liberals. While he definitely doesn’t spend equal time bashing liberals and conservatives, the far left still gets a decent share of his criticism. Although conservatives often pay Maher’s attacks no mind, liberals are frequently triggered by arguments like these that invade their safe spaces. In this clip Bill Maher schooled the anti-white far left who think it’s pro-minority to shame themselves over their whiteness and cry racist about everything. It’s about time someone stood up to the regressive left’s banality and there’s no better person to do that than Bill Maher.

As one of his New Rules Bill Maher declared that “white people have to find some middle ground between racists and people who see racism everywhere”. He’s right to say that it’s hard to tell “which is more annoying”. Those that say one race is superior are the same as those who judge everything to be racist. Both are living their lives based on the notion of race. They are each defining others and their actions by skin color. It’s as ridiculous as apologizing for being white or claiming that being white makes you an automatic victim of reverse racism. Each of those attitudes is rooted in defining people based on race.

Furthermore, white guilt is a preposterous idea on its face. There’s a difference between checking your privilege and wallowing in shame for no reason. Why should someone feel guilty about something they had no part in deciding? It’s not like people get to choose their race at birth. It makes no more sense to be ashamed of  your race than it does to be ashamed of your given name.

Apparently, white liberals trying to say that they’re “sympathetic allies by dumping on [their] own whiteness”. Although, as Bill Maher says, “most minority folks could give a shit”. Self-hating white people don’t help minorities in any way. Liberals aren’t actually making a difference they’re just making themselves feel like they have. It’s the classic liberal case of what they think are good intentions being valued more than the actual results of their actions.

Hating on all-white television show casts is a perfect example of this. Black people don’t care about the cast of Seinfeld or Girls any more than white people care about the cast of Martin or Black-ish. Certain shows are written for certain demographics and that’s perfectly fine. All shows don’t have to be all things to all people. There can be some diversity in entertainment. Every show shouldn’t be forced to include black or white characters just to not be “racist”.

The underlying point of Bill Maher’s segment here is that none of these feigned outrages accomplishes anything. “It’s a perverse sort of narcissism” for liberals to think that hating their whiteness somehow makes them a better person. They need to wake up and realize that making themselves feel better is a self-contained action. The same goes for crying racism all day and night which is only going to make people take actual racism less seriously. The far left isn’t helping anyone but themselves feel better, and isn’t that the worst kind of privilege of all?

If liberals actually want to help they should check their outrage privilege and start focusing on the results instead of their intentions.

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