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There Is No Such Thing As A Hate Crime

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What happened in Charleston is a tragedy. It was a heinous, cowardly crime, and the suspect deserves the death penalty if convicted. But, the shooting in Charleston was not a hate crime. There is no such thing as a hate crime.

The only thing that hate crime laws accomplish is to reinforce that blacks are different from whites. That is the opposite of what government should be doing. Instead of treating all people the same under the law, hate crime laws judge people based on their minute differences. These laws make people believe that those small features should be used to define them. That’s wrong. Our differences should not be defined or enforced by law. If anything, they should be overcome.

Hate crime laws, such as those being used to file charges against the Charleston shooter, should be repealed. The suspect clearly deserves to be charged with multiple homicide, but the motivations for his crimes should not affect his sentencing. As stated in the brilliant South Park clip above, hate crime laws are a “savage hypocrisy because all crimes are hate crimes”. These laws are just “splitting people into groups” and “support the idea that blacks are different from whites”.

Worse than that, hate crimes punish people for what they “say, think, and believe, in violation of the First Amendment.” These laws are inherently unconstitutional because at their basest they’re judging people based on their ideas, and using their beliefs to convict them of crimes. We should all be treated the same, especially under the law, no matter our personal opinions. Hate crime laws represent the worst power of government – the ability to divide us, and persecute us for our thoughts.

To stop the government from doing this we have to stop identifying crimes as hate crimes. Hate crimes do not exist, and laws that support their continuation must be repealed. The shooting in Charleston was not a hate crime. It was a terrible act, committed by a craven man, who deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But, the government should not be defining groups of people based on minor characteristics. Instead, we should all be treated the same, under the same laws, with the same punishments.

A white shooter should face the same punishment for shooting up a black church as they would for shooting up a white church. After all, it was an individual that committed the crimes, and individuals that were killed. The government should not declare it to be anything more than that.

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