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Bill Maher Rips the Police State – No town needs Tanks & Grenade Launchers

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Liberals are frequently inconsistent when it comes to many of the civil liberties they claim to believe in. For the most part, Bill Maher isn’t. He’s not defending the War on Drugs or the police state because Obama is president. Sure he’s hypocritical on other things, but not this. Libertarians can agree with him that the police state is out of control, or rather acknowledge that he’s agreeing with us. Libertarians have been railing against the Police State for longer than he has. But, nonetheless it’s good that someone in the media like Bill Maher is as afraid of the police state as we are.

Maher also makes the distinction between Tea Party and libertarian clear in this segment. The Tea Party’s confused pro-law enforcement, tough on crime attitudes have them defending towns with tanks and grenade launchers. They don’t see the blatant civil rights violations that come with the thousands of no-knock raids, until it happens to them. They think that because they’re law abiding tax payers the Police State won’t affect them. They only want to defend their rights, which is selfish and alienating. They claim to support liberty, but they really only support it for themselves which limits their appeal.

It’s time the Tea Party ditches that tough on crime mindset. That’s the attitude justifying these atrocities that are committed daily across the country. They aren’t isolated incidents anymore. Police departments do not need tanks and should not do no-knock  raids for anything less than multiple felonies. This has to stop, we’re already 150 times more likely to be shot by a cop than a school shooter, and it’s only going to get worse.

It’s time to cut off the ‘do whatever it takes’ philosophy at the root. Defund it. All of it. Cut all federal funding for police forces, then cut all state funding for municipal police forces. If the people in that town want a tank for their cops, they can vote to raise their own taxes. Watch how fast police departments reform themselves if that action is taken.

Unfortunately, that’s the only solution. The government has made it clear they’ll continue their arms race at all costs. It’s up to the people to end it, and starving the beast is the best option. It’s also a good way to unite fiscal conservatives concerned with actually cutting spending, with liberals who want to protect our rights. That’s a coalition that needs to be built to solve this problem.

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