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Justin Amash Says His Job Is To “Protect Everyone’s Rights” From Trump

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Unfortunately, the next four years under President Trump are likely to be filled with once-principled conservatives rubber-stamping big government populism. Nearly every one of the spineless politicians in the Republican Party who once called themselves “Never-Trump” have already fallen in line. There are some notable exceptions though. One of which is one of the youngest members of Congress. Michigan Congressman Justin Amash says his job is to “follow the Constitution and protect everyone’s rights” from President Trump. Amash fears that the new President could go even further than Obama “in terms of violating our rights.”

This is a sharp contrast to many others in the GOP who appear more than content to support the incoming President’s every authoritarian whim. Whether it be expanding the security state or exploding the budget deficit with a trillion dollar infrastructure boondoggle, few elected Republicans are offering anything but praise. Even as President-Elect Trump has backed off standard Republican talking points such as repealing Obamacare there hasn’t been a peep. It’s fascinating to watch the proud opposition party become the complacent establishment party and give up on all their campaign promises all over again.

Justin Amash won’t be taking part in that massive sellout. As he explained, he wasn’t elected to support “Team Republican” but rather to represent the people of his district. That’s part of the reason Justin Amash hasn’t missed a single vote since being elected to Congress in 2010. He’s there to represent his district and that includes voting on every single one of the more than 3,500 bills that’s seen the floor since he was elected. Sometimes he’ll vote with the Republicans, sometimes with the Democrats, because his “job is to be fair”. Like Ron Paul, Justin Amash is frequently one of less than ten Congressman to vote against a bill.

There will undoubtedly be many occasions over the next four years where Justin Amash will once again find himself voting against the rest of the Republican caucus. Hopefully the Chairman of the House Liberty Caucus will be able to muster additional support for his opposition to big government Republicanism over the next four years.

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