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Watch The Full Ted Cruz V Bernie Sanders Healthcare Debate Here

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The 2016 Presidential election may be over but the race for 2020 has just begun. It’s unclear whether or not Bernie Sanders will run again, he will be seventy eight by the time the primaries start, but it is possible. We do know that Ted Cruz will almost certainly be running again though. After all, it worked for McCain (who ran in 2000 but won the nomination in 2008), and Mitt Romney (who ran in 2008 and won the nomination in 2012). Therefore, the Ted Cruz v Bernie Sanders debate on healthcare should really be considered the first debate of the 2020 Presidential election.

It was nice to see what the Presidential debates would have been like if there were two principled nominees on the stage. Say what you will about either Senator, but they actually believe in what they’re saying unlike Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders debated for over ninety minutes and didn’t get into any of the name calling that we were subjected to by the actual Presidential nominees. It was nice to see two politicians who were able to stick to the issues for a change. Many watching were probably hoping that it could have been these two as the actual nominees.

That said, one man clearly dominated the debate. Ted Cruz came prepared with scores of facts and citations – even a map – and spent the entire night putting together a watertight argument. He even did well handling the difficult questions asked by emotional town hall participants. On the other hand, Bernie Sanders spent most of his time talking about what he believes, how he feels, and how government healthcare should be. He totally blew his answer to the question asked by the small business woman and came off as out of touch and cold. The debate was quite the contrast between logos and pathos.

Whether or not one agrees with that assessment, we can all agree that these debates are important. Politics’ importance dictates that it should play an ever present role in our lives. Debates like this one between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders on healthcare are a good way to keep the populace informed and engaged. We can only hope that CNN continues producing these segments in the future.

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