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Rand Paul Trolled Trump, Used The Art Of The Deal To Resist Obamacare-Lite

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If there’s one thing that President Trump likes it’s when people talk about his products. He especially loves it when they mention his book The Art Of The Deal. Although, the way that Rand Paul used the book is different. Rand Paul trolled Trump by bringing the book to a House Freedom Caucus meeting on Obamacare-Lite. He used examples from it to encourage conservatives not to give in to easily and pass the bill without negotiation. While deal making is purportedly what the book is about, having it used against him probably isn’t what President Trump had in mind.

Rand Paul is a masterful troll and this is only the latest in a long line of tongue in cheek antics. You probably remember how before the House Leadership’s health care bill was released Rand Paul’s copying machine traveled the hill looking for it. His staff even set up a Twitter account for the copier. Continuing with his opposition to the bill, Rand Paul brought dozens of copies of The Art Of The Deal to a House Freedom Caucus meeting wherein he used select passages to convince conservatives they can get a much better deal.

While these jokes are humorous, they always underscore an important point. The copier stunt highlighted the fact that Obamacare-Lite was being negotiated in secret. Rand Paul trolling Trump with The Art Of The Deal is raising the issue that conservatives should be negotiating. They shouldn’t just shut up and get in line as Paul Ryan is demanding they do. Rand Paul isn’t going to go along to get along and vote for the bill.

Whether or not President Trump will appreciate these tactics is another matter. Will his narcissistic side appreciate the reference to his own book? Or will his hypersensitive ego see it for the slight that it is? It’s hard to say given how unpredictable he is. Either way, Rand Paul trolled Trump to get his attention and it will most certainly work. We need only wait a day or two for a 5AM tweet from the President to confirm.

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