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The House Freedom Caucus Just Endorsed Rand Paul’s Obamacare Replacement Bill

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Rand Paul was elected to the Senate as part of the Tea Party wave of 2010. Since then, the libertarian Republican has sponsored over five hundred bills or amendments and co-sponsored an additional five hundred. Unfortunately, bills to cut government proposed during Obama’s Presidency were almost universally shot down. In fact, only four were eventually signed by the President. That record is due to improve with a Republican President. Rand Paul’s Obamacare Replacement bill is emerging as the preeminent solution and just earned a major endorsement. The House Freedom Caucus, an influential group of conservative Republicans, just announced their support.

While the House Liberty Caucus is the predominant group for libertarian Republicans, the House Freedom Caucus represents committed constitutionalists. It’s more than thirty members are lead by Mark Meadows of North Carolina. Although they are technically separate organizations, there is a near fifty percent overlap between the two caucuses. The Liberty Caucus, chaired by Justin Amash, also counts Congressmen Brat, Bridenstine, DeSantis, Duncan, Gosar, Griffith, Harris, Jordan, Labrador, Meadows, Poe, Posey, Sanford, Schweikert, and Yoho among their members. Nonetheless, the Freedom Caucus’ support for Rand Paul’s Obamacare replacement bill is still a huge step forward for the legislation.

With more than fifty co-sponsors in the House, the bill is sure to see a vote in short order. Furthermore, with a diverse group of Republicans from around the country behind Rand Paul’s Obamacare replacement, it will be easier to garner support from the rest of the Republican caucus. They’ll still need an additional 187 Republican votes to pass the House after all. Then the real challenge of getting the legislation through the much more moderately Republican Senate begins. There’s also Democratic opposition to factor into account as well.

While the road ahead is still perilous, Rand Paul’s Obamacare Replacement bill is certainly gaining steam. It could very well become his first original piece of legislation to become law. If that happens, it would provide a strong foundation for a future Presidential run.

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