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Here’s How Rand Paul Would Fix The Senate’s Healthcare Bill

Mitch McConnell admitted defeat earlier this week when he postponed the vote on the Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act. Rand Paul’s conservative coalition announced they wouldn’t be voting for it which ensured the legislation wouldn’t pass. Now that the battle has been won, the Kentucky Senator announced…

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Rand Paul’s Vote So Crucial That It’s President Trump’s “Personal Mission” To Earn It

The Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act came out to the same response from conservatives that the original House version got. It was also boycotted in the same manner by principled Republicans who knew that it wasn’t the true repeal of Obamacare that they were promised. Rand Paul,…

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Thomas Massie: House Version Was Obamacare 2.0, Senate Version Is Obamacare 1.1

Software is produced and released on an incremental basis. That’s what earned Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill its Obamacare 2.0 moniker. Critics saw it as simply a newer version of the original legislation and they were right. Although, when that bill was sent to the Senate and became Mitch McConnell’s healthcare…

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Rand Paul, Mike Lee, & Ted Cruz Won’t Vote For The Senate GOP’s Healthcare Bill

The Senate Republican establishment finally revealed their secretly-written and long-awaited healthcare bill. It was exactly as awful as conservatives and libertarians had expected. The bill no longer deserves to be considered Obamacare-lite as the differences between it and the original legislation are too few and far between to be significant.…

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The “New” Senate GOP Healthcare Bill Is Still Obamacare-Lite

Six weeks ago the House Republican leadership introduced their secretly negotiated, so-called Obamacare repeal bill and managed to get it passed by the skin of their teeth. Republicans were derided by Democrats and their own party members for adopting Nancy Pelosi’s motto ‘you’ll have to pass it to see what’s…

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Georgia’s Special Election Results Prove Pollsters Still Can’t Get It Right

2017 by

One of the biggest surprises of the 2016 election was how far off the presidential polls were. Nearly every national and state poll was off by a few points more than the margin of error. Even the poll averages were off by a six point spread. Democrats were assumed to…

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Green Energy Regulations Were Responsible For The Grenfell Tower Fire Disaster

Big Government by

Although the media has spent most of its attention covering them multiple terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom, one recent story has broken through because of its higher body count. The Grenfell Tower fire made headlines around the world for the unusual way in which the fire spread. Flames shot…

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Rand Paul Reintroduced CARERS Act To Repeal Fed Prohibition Of Medical Marijuana

War on Drugs by

Republicans believe in states rights’ on many issues but they’ve always looked the other way when it comes to drug laws. Even though twenty nine states have legalized medical marijuana, there has hardly been any action from Republicans (or Democrats) to address federal law on the issue. To solve that…

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Justin Amash Totally Destroyed The Reasoning Behind Trump’s Cuba Policy

the Free Market by

One of President Obama’s last major foreign policy changes was the lifting of several restrictions on trade and travel with Cuba. It’s no secret that the embargo has failed and only resulted in poverty for the Cuban people while the communists in power live large. President Trump doesn’t accept that.…

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Thomas Massie Has A Bill To Bring Concealed Carry Reciprocity To Washington

Guns by

Although the Congressional Baseball shooting took place in Alexandria, the Congressmen present were unarmed because they were abiding by Washington D.C.’s strict gun control regulations. If it hadn’t been for the Capitol Police, it could have been a massacre. Congressman Thomas Massie wants to prevent that sitting duck situation from…

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