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Welcome to A Libertarian Future. Please share everything you find on this website and on our Facebook page. Our goal is to spread a libertarian message across the internet and you are a critical piece of that puzzle.

About Us

This organization was started as a simple Facebook fan page the day after the 2012 election when Gary Johnson got over 1 million votes; one of them being my own. That huge number and the enthusiasm surrounding his campaign was a great way to network with other libertarians and spread a libertarian message across the internet. The page Gary Johnson 2016 was founded on November 7th, 2012.

That page grew quickly and was well received by libertarians on Facebook. But, some fans were concerned that it looked too real and that some of the more controversial posts could paint Gary in a unflattering light.

In February, 2013 the page’s name was changed to A Libertarian Future to alleviate those concerns and to take a broader approach to promoting libertarianism in general. Since then, the page has grown to the 45,000 likes it has today thanks to successful viral memes, original articles and your generous sharing. Thanks to you, the fans, we reached 30 million people on Facebook in 2015. In the last quarter of 2015 we reached an average of 1,100,000 people a week. was launched in April, 2014 to try and spread a libertarian message farther than Facebook was allowing. The website had nearly half a million page views in 2014 and almost one million in 2015 thanks to your sharing. Several articles have been viewed tens of thousands of times and we currently have over five hundred email subscribers.

How You Can Help

This is all thanks to you! You’ve all been so great along the way so I hope you’ll continue to support A Libertarian Future’s mission to spread a libertarian message by subscribing by email today (it’s free of course). You’ll receive new posts sent straight to your inbox.

Please continue to share everything you find here and on Facebook to help me spread a libertarian message and create A Libertarian Future.

Thank you.

J. Wilson

A Libertarian Future

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