POLL: Who Would You Support For The Libertarian Presidential Nom In 2020?

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The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is barely over and we’re here already thinking about 2020. Yes it’s early, but don’t blame us for being optimistic about the future of the Libertarian Party. The party received more votes and a higher percentage of the vote than any third party in twenty years. It was a record breaking success that set the table for 2020 with ballot access in forty states. Millions more voters have been turned on to the Libertarian Party and will be considering voting for their Presidential nominee four years from now. There’s no time like the present to start seeing who that candidate might be.

If the Libertarian Party wants to expand on their success in 2020¬†they’ll have to start now. One of the most frequent complaints this year was that their Presidential candidates didn’t start campaigning early enough for voters to hear about them. While not technically true, most Libertarian Presidential candidates started campaigning in in January, this does pose an important point. Republican and Democrat party figures are never out of the spotlight and constantly campaigning even in non-election years. With the advent of alternative media Libertarian candidates and leaders should do the same.

That will help inject Libertarians into the ongoing political conversation. A majority of voters still don’t know who Gary Johnson¬†is, even after his success this year. The only hope for a candidate doing better than Gary Johnson is for them to have (or build) national name recognition. People won’t vote for a candidate they’ve never heard of. It’s important to begin creating that familiarity now while people are still intrigued by the Libertarian Party’s success. It’s equally important for the party and for candidates to start fundraising as soon as possible. Otherwise, they’ll have no hope of accumulating the warchest that the Johnson/Weld campaign managed this year.

With all that taken into account, let’s see who libertarians would support for the Libertarian Party Presidential nomination in 2020.

We tried to include as many potential candidates as possible, but if you think we left someone out, let us know in the comments.