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Libertarian Party On More State Ballots Post-Election Than Ever Before

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The 2016 Presidential Election was a historical one for the Libertarian Party. Gary Johnson and other libertarian candidates achieved a high enough percentage of the vote to set the party up for years to come. One of the party’s main goals this year was to qualify for state ballot access for future elections. The Libertarian Party spends millions of dollars just getting on the ballot. It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get on the ballot in Texas alone. Now, a majority of the money spent on those tasks can be redirected towards actually electing candidates. The Libertarian Party is on more state ballots post-election than ever before.

They’re still counting ballots in a few states so the above map might change. For example, Washington requires a party’s candidate reach 5% statewide for major party status and ballot access. As of this writing, Gary Johnson is at 4.8% with hundreds of thousands of ballots left to be counted. It’s possible that could be enough to put him over the top. Nonetheless, this is still a historic accomplishment for the Libertarian Party as was noted in their status embedded below:

Every election cycle, the Libertarian Party has to gather petition signatures to put our candidates on the ballot. Thanks to the hard work of Libertarian candidates like Gary Johnson, we’ve earned enough votes to have ballot access for 2018 in 37 states and the District of Columbia, our highest post-election total ever. The vote totals in 2016 should save the Libertarian Party at least $300K for the 2018 cycle by not having to petition in states like Texas and Oklahoma. That frees up resources to spend on building up state parties and supporting candidates instead of gathering signatures, which should lead to even better results in 2018.

Thank you to all the donors, supporters, and voters who helped us achieve this historic milestone!

The Libertarian Party will be going into the 2018 midterm elections with a massive head start. They’ll be able to focus their resources on candidates and campaigns instead of tedious, time consuming ballot access. It will be a totally different ballgame compared to four years previous. With more voters, more ballot access, and more money, the Libertarian Party might even make a bigger mark in two years than they did this year.

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