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Vote Now In Round Six Of Our Libertarian Presidential Candidates Poll

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It's Time For Round Three Of Our Libertarian Presidential Candidates Poll
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Our last five polls have have showed that the race has changed a lot since our first Libertarian Candidates Poll. It is now drawing down to the last month before the national convention. There will only be time for two more polls, including this one, before the Libertarian Party delegates meet in Orlando to vote for the nominee. We are going to stick with our top three candidates Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John McAfee because only these three have a shot at the nomination.

Only Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John McAfee will be in this and future Libertarian Presidential Candidates polls. They have consistently polled as the top three candidates, respectively, and there’s no evidence to suggest a fourth candidate skyrocketing into third place. Until now, every other candidate that we’ve included as 4th or 5th hasn’t broken double digits*. Now that we’re in the home stretch it’s time to weed out those candidates and restrict our poll to the top three. This way we can see where those lower polling candidates’ support flows to and better gauge who is really in first, second, and third place.

This change to the top three saw Austin Petersen absorb almost all of that support in our last Libertarian Presidential Candidates poll. He nearly tied with Gary Johnson for first place. John McAfee also gained a significant amount of support and surged several points. With it drawing down to the last few weeks before the convention it’s important to see if these trends hold.

Which Libertarian Presidential Candidate are you currently supporting?

This poll will expire at midnight on May 15th.

*Darryl W. Perry once broke double digits but that was not legitimate. Perry has been caught buying votes in online polls and has been excluded from our polls for cheating.

**Please Note: This Libertarian Presidential Candidates poll cannot and will not include all of the candidates running. There is currently a top tier of candidates based on fundraising, name recognition, website design, social media strength, and debate performances. Any candidate without these factors cannot hope to be an effective Libertarian Party Presidential nominee and therefore cannot be included in this poll. There is also not a None Of The Above option as it is counterproductive. NOTA will not be the Libertarian Party’s nominee.

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