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Vote Now In Round Four Of Our Libertarian Party Poll

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It's Time For Round Three Of Our Libertarian Party Poll

We are now approximately halfway through our polling cycle. We have already taken three bi-weekly polls of the Libertarian Party Presidential candidates and there will be four more including this one. Those polls have shown that despite the fact that there are mere weeks until the national convention many libertarians are still making up their minds. Each candidate has seen swings in support in our Libertarian Party poll in the past months and their fortunes can still change now.

Each of the three polls we have taken so far has shown that libertarians switch their preferences during the primary season as much as the Republicans and Democrats do. Although, this Libertarian Party poll will perhaps see the largest shift in support yet. This poll will take into account part one of the first Libertarian Party debate. The performances of Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John McAfee during that debate will surely change many libertarians’ minds.

There’s only one way to find out though: Which Libertarian Presidential Candidate are you currently supporting?

As you can see, Marc Allan Feldman has been removed from our Libertarian Party poll again. His consistent 1% showing is inconsequential and therefore we removed him in favor of including another candidate: newcomer Kevin McCormick. We included McCormick because of his surprising third place showing in the Libertarian Party’s own poll, professional website, and state convention showings.

*Please Note: This Libertarian Party poll cannot and will not include all of the candidates running. There is currently a top tier of candidates based on fundraising, name recognition, website design, social media strength, and debate performances. Any candidate without these factors cannot hope to be an effective Libertarian Party Presidential nominee and therefore cannot be included in this poll. There is also not a None Of The Above option as it is counterproductive. NOTA will not be the Libertarian Party’s nominee.

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