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It’s Time For Round Three Of Our Libertarian Party Poll

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It's Time For Round Three Of Our Libertarian Party Poll

Welcome to Round Three of our 2016 Libertarian Party Poll. We will be conducting these polls on a bi weekly basis until the Libertarian Party convention in May. Our first poll ran from February 15th – 29th and our second poll ran from March 1st – 15th. Those results were telling but this third poll will give us the ability to establish real trends.

A lot has changed since our first poll. Multiple states have held their conventions, there have been numerous debates, two states have held Libertarian Party primaries, and candidates are starting to drop out and endorse. It’s time for a new poll to see just how much things have changed.

Until now, Gary Johnson has been receiving between 44 and 46% support in our Libertarian Party polls. This time we will be able to measure the effect of Steve Kerbel dropping out and endorsing Gary Johnson. Kerbel was getting from 7 to 11% in our polls and that support could give Gary Johnson a majority of libertarian support for the first time. Former Libertarian Party National Chairman Bill Redpath also endorsed Gary Johnson recently. Both of those endorsements should help grow and solidify Gary Johnson’s lead.

Although, the poll will also take into account Austin Petersen’s inclusion in the ISideWith.com political quiz that has been popular with libertarians. That increased exposure could help him reverse the present trend and shrink the gap between himself and Gary Johnson.

There’s also the question of whether John McAfee will be able to maintain his momentum. He went from 9 to 14% in our first two polls and another five point jump could put him in second place in our third Libertarian Party poll.

It’s up to you, the ALibertarianFuture.com readers, to determine all of that: Which Libertarian Presidential Candidate are you currently supporting?

(This poll closed March 31st, 2016 – see the full results here)

As you can see, Marc Allan Feldman has been re-included in our third Libertarian Party poll. Steve Kerbel’s exit left an open spot in our top five and we decided to let Feldman back in because he has regularly made the second round cut in state Libertarian Party debates. However, if another candidate demonstrates stronger support over the next few weeks Feldman could be replaced in our fourth poll.

*Please Note: This Libertarian Party poll cannot and will not include all of the candidates running. There is currently a top tier of candidates based on fundraising, name recognition, website design, social media strength, and debate performances. Any candidate without these factors cannot hope to be an effective Libertarian Party Presidential nominee and therefore cannot be included in this poll. There is also not a None Of The Above option as it is counterproductive. NOTA will not be the Libertarian Party’s nominee.

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