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Penn Jillette Will Be Hosting The Next Libertarian Party Presidential Debate

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Penn Jillette Will Be Hosting The Next Libertarian Party Presidential Debate

This has been one hell of a break out year for the Libertarian Party. The party has been around for four decades but had never had a nationally televised primary debate. Then, all of the stars suddenly aligned and there were multiple nationally televised debates all in one year. Libertarians’ patience and hard work has finally paid off. First we had the groundbreaking Stossel debate on FOX Business, then the live RT debate, and now Penn Jillette will be hosting the next Libertarian Party debate. Multiple nationally televised debates are a great indicator of how big of an impact the Libertarian Party will have on the election.

Limited information is available at this time but here is what we know from the Eventbrite details which have leaked ahead of the official Libertarian Party of Nevada press release. On May 16th in Las Vegas, Penn Jillette will be hosting the last Libertarian Party primary debate of the season. The two hour debate will be filmed from 12 – 2 PM PST for future broadcast, meaning that it will not be aired live at that time. At least this debate will have an audience and is open to the public. Tickets for the Stossel debate were hard to come by and the RT debate will not have an audience. The ability for any libertarian to buy a ticket and show up is a major plus.

The best part about this debate is perhaps the moderator himself Penn Jillette. Long recognized as a libertarian icon, Jillette is the perfect choice for a Libertarian Party debate moderator. The man is famously impartial and will give each of the candidates a fair shake. Penn Jillette is so well known in libertarian circles that many would probably have attended the event just to see him no matter the candidates. That’s especially likely considering that the proceeds from the event will be donated to Opportunity Village, Penn’s favorite charity.

Debates are about the candidates though so let’s get to them. Two-term Governor Gary Johnson, The Libertarian Republic Founder Austin Petersen, and software mogul John McAfee will all be there. It appears that the stage will once again be limited to the top three candidates for the Libertarian Party nomination for President. Given that this will be the last Libertarian Party debate before the national convention it’s only fitting. Those are the only three candidates with a shot at the Presidential nomination.

The limited information available at this time does not confirm whether or not the Libertarian Party debate Penn Jillette is hosting will be aired on The Blaze. That has long been a rumor circulating in libertarian circles but there has never been any definitive proof. The Eventbrite page offers no details on who will be filming the debate although The Blaze would be a likely partner. When we receive a copy of the Libertarian Party of Nevada’s official press release this story will be updated. Hopefully the debate will be broadcast nationwide shortly after its filming so the millions of libertarians out there can all tune in. We will be attending to cover the debate nonetheless.

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