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The Second Televised Libertarian Party Debate Will Be Hosted By RT America

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The first nationally televised Libertarian Party debate took place just one month ago on FOX Business. John Stossel made history and put the party on the same level with the Republicans and Democrats that take their own debates for granted. Now, another news network has seen the demand for third party debates as well. RT America is going to host the second nationally televised Libertarian Party debate next week. The three leading candidates Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John McAfee were all invited but only Petersen was able to make it. Marc Allen Feldman, Kevin McCormick, and Darryl W. Perry will be attending in their place. This will likely be the last nationally televised Libertarian Party debate as the National Convention takes place May 27th.

RT America will be broadcasting the Libertarian Party debate live Thursday, May 12th from 4 – 6:00 PM ET. The debate will be shown nationwide on various channels depending on your provider: “New York on ch. 135 (Time Warner), in Los Angeles on ch. 236, in San Diego & North County on ch. 222, in San Francisco on ch. 103 and Desert Cities on channel 236 (Time Warner), in Chicago on ch. 103 (Comcast), in Ohio on ch. 266 (Buckeye CableSystem) and in the Washington, DC area on ch. 274 (Comcast), ch. 34 (RCN), ch.455 (Fios), ch. 474 (Cox)”. For those without a cable package, the debate will also be filmed in 360° and streamed live on YouTube for all. The addition of streaming is major improvement from the FOX Business debate because many libertarians did not have that channel in their current package – and many might not have RT America either.

The debate will be hosted by none other than Watching The Hawks co-hosts Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace as well as Sean Stone. If you hadn’t already guessed, Tyrel is the son of Jesse Ventura – the Minnesota Governor who once expressed a desire to run for the Libertarian Party nomination himself. Their show regularly covers American politics from an independent angle and is critical of both of the two parties. Having Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace, and Sean Stone host the Libertarian Party debate is a natural fit.

Unfortunately, Gary Johnson and John McAfee will not be participating in the debate. But, what will make the RT America Libertarian Party debate a bit more interesting than the previous nationally televised Libertarian Party debate is that it will be live. The two-hour Stossel debate was pre-recorded and shown over a two week period to accommodate for his shorter hour-long time block. The two-hour RT America debate will be live and there will not be a chance that anything is left on the editing room floor. Therefore, this is actually the first nationally televised live debate for the Libertarian Party. RT America has made history as well.

Besides that groundbreaking achievement, this debate could have a major effect on which candidate receives the Libertarian Party nomination. All Libertarian Party delegates are unbound and can therefore vote for whomever they wish and change their minds at any time. The RT America Libertarian Party Debate could produce a revelation that changes the minds of enough delegates to make a difference.

That could very well depend on actual libertarians. RT America is allowing people to send in their own questions that they would like asked of the candidates. You can message questions to the Watching The Hawks Facebook page or send them to their Twitter account as well. Hopefully they select some good ones and make the debate really interesting. Libertarians will be watching to find out whether or not this debate is the game changer it could potentially be.

Luckily, we’ll only have to wait a week to find out. Remember to tune in this Thursday, May 12th at 4:00 PM EST/1:00 PM PST to RT America. Or you can always watch it live at YouTube.com/RTAmerica in 360°.

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