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Here’s The Story With The Koch Funds Pledged To Gary Johnson’s Bid

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Here's The Story With The Koch Funds Pledged To Gary Johnson's Bid copy

Libertarian circles are swirling with the rumors published that David Koch is going to spend a minimum of $10 million on Gary Johnson’s Presidential bid. That story cited an unnamed source within the Johnson campaign and has not been verified. It was even contradicted by Johnson himself who was interviewed by another publication about the potential Koch funds. While it may not seem that both stories could be true at the same time that is not the case. In fact, it actually makes a lot more sense this way.

Everyone knows that there are limits to individual and business donations to Presidential campaigns. There is no way that David Koch could ever donate $10 million to Gary Johnson’s campaign. The story implied that was the case but in fact it is not. In all likelihood, what was meant is that the Koch was actually going to set up a Super PAC to support Gary Johnson. That’s why the candidate himself would not have heard of it.

This would be a historic leap forward for the Libertarian Party which normally struggles to gain media attention during elections. An eight figure Super PAC would be able to run nationwide commercials supporting the presumptive Libertarian Party nominee. The party has never had anything like that before and this would be an outright game changer. Every Libertarian candidate in the country stands to benefit from the down ticket effects of this generous spending.

These Koch funds should not be viewed as anything but an incredibly generous gift. David Koch is one of the Libertarian Party’s own. He was their Vice Presidential nominee in 1980 and ran with Ed Clark. That Presidential ticket captured the largest percentage of the vote that the Libertarian Party has ever seen. Koch is also presently on the board of the Cato Institute and has consistently donated to libertarian causes throughout his life. This potential gift should be welcomed with open arms by all libertarians.

For the first time the Libertarian Party might actually have a chance of winning the Presidential election. Of course, that is if the party delegates realize this opportunity and select Gary Johnson as their Presidential nominee. As was mentioned previously, these Koch funds are entirely contingent on nominating Gary Johnson for President. If any other man is nominated there is no chance that Koch will stick around. He was only drawn in by the opportunity to support “The Governor Ticket”. Without the credibility and viability that ticket represents there is no way that Koch would be interested in making this donation.

As Gary Johnson’s pick of Governor William Weld as his VP was a no-brainer, so too is this chance to earn tens of millions of dollars of television advertising. It would be the most suicidal move in Libertarian Party history to look this gift horse in the mouth and squander this opportunity. There’s no doubt that these Koch funds would help the entire Libertarian Party and likely guarantee the 5% of the vote that they need for nationwide ballot access.

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